Saturday, January 28, 2012

DF&F 52_4 Brookie and X-Caddis

Original status: Available

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his Brookie and X-Caddis!

Tech Info - Pastel on black paper. 10" x 12".

The X-Caddis is one of my favorite Summertime patterns for the Driftless area and on the Michigan's AuSable.

This one is called "Swing and a miss". I was going for an image of a quick aggressive strike, with an unfortunate miss. 

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Prints are 8" x 10" reproduced on digital watercolor stock, signed and number. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Jason Borger said...

REALLY liking it, Jeff! The movement and abstraction really does it for me. Do more like that....

Will said...

Excellent Jeff. What Jason said!

Here's mine:


Will said...

Also, I'm just massively impressed that you can get to this in 30 mins. It's only when you start trying this yourself you realise how hard it is.

Thanks again.


Jeff (trout bum) said...

JB- Thanks. Wanted to do something a bit more abstract this week! I have not played with pastels in a while and it was laying down some quick strokes and bit of blending.

Thanks again my friend,


Jeff (trout bum) said...

Thanks! Thanks for following along! Your brookie and X looks great! If you keep up, you will learn a great deal about your own techniques. After doing this for quite some time, I have really worked on honing my simplification skills so that I can work it all in 30 minutes. With practice, you will be there in no time. On tip, I do spend time thinking about the image I want to produce during the week. Helps me mentally prepare for the big day!


John said...

Nice one, Jeff!

I'll echo Will on the speed of 30 mins (makes for a nice challenge). I'm not that skilled with free hand drawing so I've been trying to crank out some line art and spend my time on the computer (where I'm most confortable).

Jeff (trout bum) said...

You are doing a great job. It really takes a lot of time behind the brush or pen or the computer to gain a level of confidence with what you are willing to share. keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing what you cook up for next week!