Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Collector’s Edition “Jeff Kennedy” Wines

Collector's Edition "Jeff Kennedy" Wines
5% of Sales to Support the Federation of Fly Fishers

Since my surgery I've learned that it's fairly easy to enjoy a glass of wine with the other hand...moreover, wine labeled with my own art!

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to apply my creative talents to the world of fine wine in collaboration with StoneFly Vineyards and their sister winery Windsor Vineyards. Both craft outstanding wines and are doing a tremendous amount of work to pair the traditions of winemaking and fly fishing.

In trade for the use of my paintings "Fishing on the Fox" and "Milwaukee Morning," they applied their label design skills to craft two stunning labels of collector's edition "Jeff Kennedy." Take a close look at how they used two of my fly paintings "McGinty" and "Halloween Spey." I think they did a remarkable job of crafting a label and preserving my original artistic intent...and the wines are outstanding!

Continuing in the spirit of collaboration I am now offering my readers the limited opportunity to purchase these fine wines labeled with my artistic creations. Moreover you can enjoy these wines while making a difference for fly fishing. Together we will contribute 5% of your net purchase of these wines to the Federation of Fly Fishers, whose work is instrumental in keeping our fly fishing community thriving and growing.

The cost for the very tasty 06 Zinfandel is $15/bottle and for the 2007 Mendocino Chardonnay $18/bottle. You can order as little as one bottle or even multiple cases. To place an order you can reach Nick at 707.836.5492 or nickp@stoneflyvineyards.com.

Friday, May 22, 2009

FREE iTouch - iPhone Wallpaper

I have created a set of wallpaper images which you can download to your iTouch or iPhone. Get the entire set free here. Download the Drawing Flies 365 Wallpaper set.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Silver Hilton

"Silver Hilton" 22" x 14" Watercolor and Gouache. This image will be used on an upcoming project that will be revealed shortly. This is the first fly that I have been able to paint using my right hand. Although painful, physical therapy is helping to loosen up my tight right shoulder.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sketch Blog

"Mill Stream" Sharpie and Watercolor. I have a few new sketches up on my Sketch Blog. Drop by to have a look. You can also receive all of my latest studio news by subscribing to my newsletter. Simply add your email address in the newsletter subscription sidebar.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pete's Killer Frog

"Pete's Killer Frog" Watercolor and Gouache. Pete H. from my tying club commissioned the painting of his signature fly.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

L E F T Y 1

"LEFTY ONE" Watercolor, Sharpie and Gouache. Thanks to all who sent emails and comments! It is greatly appreciated. Well, here is the update. I had a complete tear of the rotator cuff. 4 surgical sutcher screws were inserted and used to repair the cuff arthroscopically. 6 insertion pointss around my shoulder were used to repair the cuff. I also had a frayed bicep tendon. The Doc performed a Bicep Tenodesis. Normal attachment of the biceps tendon is on the shoulder socket and reattaches the tendon to the bone of the humerus (arm bone). By performing a biceps tenodesis, the pressure of the bicpes attachment is taken off the cartilage rim of the shoulder socket (the labrum), and a portion of the biceps tendon can be surgically removed. Essentially a biceps tenodesis moves the attachment of the biceps tendon to a position that is out of the way of the shoulder joint. The tendon is reattached lower on the bone using a screw. Along with general anasthetic, I was also given a nerve block in the right arm. This keeps the arm numb anywhere between 6 to 12 hours. The arm was still nice and numb after surgery due to the block. After the block wore off, a hell broke loose. The pain was incredible. The pain meds had little effect. I did not sleep for 24 hours. Each day has been better. Went to the Doc yesterday to have the staples removed from the port incesions. The staples still remain on the big incesion. The bicep on my arm is completely bruised. looks like it eas beat with a sledge hammer. Physcial therapy begins next week. I am so bored with TV and movies. I felt decent enogh this morning to hit the studio. I grabbed my watercolor sketchbook and a Sharpie and started to draw with the left hand. Not the greatest, I kept my expectations low as was just glad to be drawing and painting again. Grabbed the watercolor brush aand stated laying down washes. This is much easier with the left hand then the drawing portion. I practiced signing my name on a scrap piece of paper using my left hand. As you can see, I opted form my initials. My dear wife has been an incedible help throught this process. I Love her dearly and could not have done this without her.