Sunday, January 22, 2012

DF&F 52_3 Cutthroat trout and a Chernobyl Ant

Original status: Unavailable

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his Cutt and ant!

Tech Info - Sharpie, watercolor, gouache and Photoshop on oatmeal paper. 10" x 12".

I wanted to create an image that portrayed the viewer lying on the stream bed looking up. You are seeing the fly drift, debris rushing through the water column, and then you see the trout rise. will there be a take or not? I really struggled with this one and the 30 minutes came up fast. My quick application of color turned to mud and I really struggled with the values. Every once in a while things do not come together and you just have to let go until another day. I will definitely be revisiting this one.

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John said...

Jeff – I like that angle. Very cool.
I worked up a cutthroat as well.

Will said...


I like the angle too.

Here's my effort:



Will said...
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Mark Coleman said...

Interesting perspective. I like it.

Lefty Angler & Flies said...

You depicted undersides of both Cutty and fly, which makes us imagine typical cutty's slow and deliberate rise for well presented dry-flies...