Sunday, March 16, 2008

Originals and Prints are now available!

I have had numerous requests for purchase of the original artwork and prints. You can scroll through the posts to find the originals and prints that are available. Simply click the link and it will take you to the purchase page. Originals that are sold will be noted as such. The prints are run on a limited edition basis. All prints are signed and numbered. Each limited edition print run will consist of 30 prints only. Please note that not all of the originals and prints are ready for purchase at the writing of this post. Check back daily as I am working diligently to make them all available this week. Thanks everyone for the great emails. overwhelming support and words of encouragement. The STORE should also be up by weeks end. The STORE will contain the new and improved version of the Bite Me shirt along with Brook prints. If anyone has any problem or questions on the purchase links, do not hesitate to email me.



Two thumbs up! Jeff,
You make more people can enjoy the original art! Great stuff! You are the man!

Alan said...

Thanks for the note about my fishing theme sketch. If you hadn't done so I would probably have never known about your blog. It is just great. I love your renditions of flies in a variety of items..ha love it. I've got your blog address in my Google Reader so I know when you update your blog. Thanks again for a little more joy on the web.