Sunday, March 9, 2008

No. 68

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"Orange Heron" 8"x 11" Watercolor and gouache. I was on a Boy Scout camping trip with my son over the weekend. Saturday afternoon I had an hour to myself so I pulled out some paper and cranked out a a fly. You can see my setup next to my cot in the cabin we stayed in. This was the last cabin campout for the winter, next month we go back to tents. I saw this fly in the Dec Hogan book - "A Passion for Steelhead". It is one of my most cherished books. I have read it cover to cover numerous times. As quoted from this book, " The Orange Heron is the fly that started the spey fly craze more than 20 years ago. The late Syd Glasso of Forks, Washington was the first steel header to devoutly tie and fish speys for steelhead. The Orange Heron is perhaps the model spey fly - at least in the steelhead world-to which the latecomers are compared. I am here to say that the Orange Heron is not only beautiful in its simple elegance, it's a damn good steelhead fly." What can I say but this is one great fly and it was allot of fun to paint. There is nothing like the long sweeping heron fibers that just makes a fly look like it is moving a hundred miles an hour standing still.

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