Friday, February 29, 2008

No. 60

"Straight Line" Scanned linework with digital background. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to draw a fly using only straight lines. Sounds easy, but I redrew this simple profile 3 times! Even after I scanned in the linework, I noticed some curved lines and had to fix them digitally. This was a simple exercise, that turned out more difficult than I thought. If you look at the process to draw a straight line, it goes against the natural flow of how the arm operates. I like to draw using as much of my arm as possible. My drawing pivot point is from my elbow or shoulder - NOT MY WRIST! It is similar to drawing with a pen attached to a stick. It is easy to get a curved line, but to make a straight line using your entire arm, allot more coordinated movement is involved. Even after looking at it as I place it in this entry, I can see another slightly curved line. Can you find it?

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Eric Schultz said...

This leads to the obvious next challenge: Etch-a-Sketch! Well done and another great addition, Jeff!