Friday, February 1, 2008

No. 32

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Muddler minnow blasting through the water column. 15" x 22" watercolor and pastel. I have always been fascinated at how different flies look and move in the water. The way the current moves the fly at will producing a strike from an awaiting fish. The muddler minnow is designed to imitate a bait fish. The story behind this piece is one of movement. Many of my fly paintings are portraits of the fly. Although I attempt to interject character into these portraits, they are what they are, a static representation. This piece is designed to be dynamic. The flowing blue water column parting as it hits the deer hair head of the fly. You just know there is a fish lurking in the shadows ready to strike.


John said...

Hi Jeff, I'm enjoying all the artwork. Great Project. You have two 32's was this supposed to be "No 32"?

John said...

I ment two 31's duh!

Jeff (trout bum) said...


Fixed it. Thanks for visiting the blog and catching my numbering dysfunction!