Sunday, February 10, 2008

No. 41

Original - SOLD

Limited Edition Prints - Available soon - Send email for details.

I spent the entire weekend at 2008 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo. I met and talked with many great people who expressed their appreciation for the Drawing Flies Blog. Thanks to all, it is greatly appreciated! It also so incredibly motivating to be around the many talented tiers and artists. Brad - Thanks for the great Muskie fly! You will see this one in the future.

And many thanks to Joseph who has introduced me to so many. A painting will be coming your way, it is a small token of my appreciation.

Todays post is a Brookie Fin Dry. 9"x12" watercolor and gouache

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David G said...


It was great talking with you the other day. These drawings are great. I will be reviewing daily.

Take care,

David G.