Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drawing Flies 52_09 Deceiver

Drawing Flies 52_09 Deceiver-Watercolor and Gouache

Original status: S O L D !

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition of the of the Deceiver!

Tech Info- Pretty straight forward watercolor base then punching it up with some gouache. I always start with the same struggle, dark background or light background. The shape of the fly and the general color usually dictates which way I would go. I could have gone either way so I decided to go light. I aways figure that I can aways go darker if I change my mind mid stream. This one took 26 minutes to complete.

Update: Jason's rendition is my favorite to date! Swing by his blog for my comments.

Next week's fly - a McGinty.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous as always brother!

Jason Borger said...

Jeff—A classic color/materials combo! Wonder how many fish worldwide have fallen for that fly? The Deceiver has always been a favorite of mine, for the looks as much as anything (caught some good fish over the years on the pattern, too).

Really like the dimensionality of the saddles and the gleam of the eye. The fly has the feeling that it was just pulled from the water and slapped on the boat deck. I like that. Would also really like to see your dark background rendition of this. I think that your skill with dark backgrounds would be a strong match to the lighter overall values of the fly. Do it if you get the chance...