Sunday, January 9, 2011

New T Shirt Art

Cameron over at the Fiberglass Manifesto has a new shirt offering for this year. And it just so happens that one of my flies from the DF 365 project graces the front. Head over to his site and pick one up as they are only offered for a limited time. These shirts are high quality and will look great out on the stream of at the tying bench!


bob b said...

Nice concept ,but for those of us in Dallas, anything but Black please. I am a runner and having a cool fly art tee shirt , in a mesh weave or a wick able material would be very cool and if you link it to a notable charity a la, Trout Unlimited, Bingo, you have a success story, but, in Dallas on a Saturday morning run in July at 5:00 A.M ,,,it's 84 F so Black is NOT what you are wearing. Keep at it!

Jeff (trout bum) said...

Bob- I will have a post about some recent shirts that bear my artwork for Patagonia. I think these will work in the warmer climates! Thanks for your input!