Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drawing Fish 52_1 Rainbow Trout

Drawing Fish 52_1 Common Rainbow Trout

Original status: Original and Prints are available email me for information.

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition Rainbow Trout!

Tech Info- Watercolor and gouache on 140 lbs Arches watercolor paper.

Well here we go with the first in another interesting series. I have a feeling this project will be more of a challenge than the previous. Jason and I decided to kick this off with the common rainbow trout. My first path was to ink out the trout, then come back with watercolor. Instead, I grabbed my medium squirrel brush and just went at it. the intention was to create a general feel for the skin and overlay a general shape onto it. I was a bit concerned about the time element so in place of rendering all the spots, I went at it with random splatter. I was a bit aggressive with the color and should have left some more of the white paper. Not sure how I feel about this piece, but I have 51 more opportunities to work on it.

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Jason Borger said...

You may not be sure about it yet, Jeff, but I'll tell you what I think: a cool, abstract and bold start to DF(ish)52. I very much like it. Way to keep it interesting, my friend!