Thursday, January 20, 2011

Df52_3 Bonefish

Drawing Fish 52_3 Bonefish

Original status: Original and Prints are available email me for information.

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition Bonefish!

Tech Info- Sharpie and Gouache on oatmeal paper 9" x 11".

I was happy with the way the Pumpkinseed went, so I decided that a similar approach was in order for the bonefish. I have never fished for, caught or held a bonefish. I sure would like to do all three some day! With that being said, I struggled a bit with this one. I had to do a bit of research about this species before I could begin sketching. The information that I read that I found most intriguing is the bonefishes ability to reflect it's surroundings due to the highly reflective nature of it's scales. Armed with that information, I made sure to add a bit of exaggerated color in this piece. I also went thick and heavy with the gouache to give texture and depth to the piece. Unfortunately, the scan does not show all of the subtle brush strokes. I also had to do a few warm up sketches, since the proportions are a bit foreign to me. I really enjoyed reading all about the bonefish in my McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia. having the net and some great books to gain additional knowledge is one of the great pluses of this project.

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Jeff. Loving the new series for 2011!