Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drawing Flies 52_26 Irresistible

Drawing Flies 52_26 Irresistible

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Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition of the of the Irresistible!

Tech Info- Oatmeal sketchbook paper, watercolor and gouache. Pretty straight forward on this one. Quick sketch with some pencil, under painting with gouache to get the general values, then came in with the highlights.

My day job has been keeping me extremely busy these past few weeks and I have not had enough time behind the brush or the pen. Feeling a bit rusty and awkward with this rendition. After looking at it again after scanning it, I do not like the rounded bottom side of the deer hair body, I should have clipped this and made it flat. This would have made been a better looking shape.

My fly box contains a half dozen or so irresistibles. It is one of those patterns that has bits and pieces of other great patterns combined into one fly. The deer hair makes it float like a cork in rougher water and works for droppers. The front half has the classic Adams or catskill dry look to it. There are so many buggy features to this fly that i do not think the fish can resist. Hence the name irresistible!

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Anonymous said...

I keep a few irresistibles in my box at all times, as well.
Just recently, it was the only 'dry' that was working on the 'West Canada Creek' for browns.
They were taking a variety of nymphs and streamers, but that was the dry that brought them up.
A fun time with 4 fish in a fifteen or twenty minute stretch in pocket water. It was a nice way to end a three day trip, where only sub-surface had been getting it done.
A great fly!