Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Collector’s Edition “Jeff Kennedy” Wines

Collector's Edition "Jeff Kennedy" Wines
5% of Sales to Support the Federation of Fly Fishers

Since my surgery I've learned that it's fairly easy to enjoy a glass of wine with the other hand...moreover, wine labeled with my own art!

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to apply my creative talents to the world of fine wine in collaboration with StoneFly Vineyards and their sister winery Windsor Vineyards. Both craft outstanding wines and are doing a tremendous amount of work to pair the traditions of winemaking and fly fishing.

In trade for the use of my paintings "Fishing on the Fox" and "Milwaukee Morning," they applied their label design skills to craft two stunning labels of collector's edition "Jeff Kennedy." Take a close look at how they used two of my fly paintings "McGinty" and "Halloween Spey." I think they did a remarkable job of crafting a label and preserving my original artistic intent...and the wines are outstanding!

Continuing in the spirit of collaboration I am now offering my readers the limited opportunity to purchase these fine wines labeled with my artistic creations. Moreover you can enjoy these wines while making a difference for fly fishing. Together we will contribute 5% of your net purchase of these wines to the Federation of Fly Fishers, whose work is instrumental in keeping our fly fishing community thriving and growing.

The cost for the very tasty 06 Zinfandel is $15/bottle and for the 2007 Mendocino Chardonnay $18/bottle. You can order as little as one bottle or even multiple cases. To place an order you can reach Nick at 707.836.5492 or nickp@stoneflyvineyards.com.


RonS said...

I just ordered a case of the Zin.

Looking forward to it!!


Very cool!! Congratulations!
I might need to buy some...