Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sheri's Fly

"Sheri's Fly" 18" x 22" Watercolor and Gouache

I was approached by the Sportsmans Alliance for Alaska about donating a painting for their online auction. In summary the Sportsmans Alliance are
Hunters and anglers working together to preserve fish and game habitats and hunting and fishing opportunities on our public lands in Alaska. Fishing in Alaska is one of the top 5 trips I want to take before I take a dirt nap. Sometimes it becomes difficult (especially in these economic times) to donate cash to worthy causes, so I decided to donate an original fly painting for the auction. In the past, I have donated finished paintings of my choice to the auction. This time I allowed the auction winner to pick the fly they wanted painted.

The winner was Mike H. and this was his email to me: "The fly I want to have drawn is a simple one. It's one that I have been tying for my wife, Sheri, to use for 25 years in the lakes we fish and it's the only fly she uses. Nothing special to anyone but us. We call it a Fore & Aft with a Red Tail, or more typically, "Sheri's Fly". Not very creative, but descriptive. It's like a peacock lady with a few different colors."

Well Mike, I hope you and Sheri enjoy this painting! Nothing like a fly with a great story!

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very inspriational