Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Be sure to swing by Streamers365 for some great feather wing eye candy! As Darren puts it:

During 2012, we will be showcasing one feather-wing streamers a day for the entire year. The concept is called 365 blogging, but if you look at a 2012 calendar, you may notice there are actually 366 days! Not to worry, we’ve been able to scrape up an extra streamer for the day. We will be auctioning off most of the streamers presented on the blog. This is a great opportunity for collectors to find some amazing streamers to add to their collection. We will also be putting together a series of books based on the streamers presented in the project. These will likely be on a quarterly basis

Link to Streamers365.

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mike williams said...

I subscribe to the Streamers 365 site and love it. Who doesn't like those type of streamers, beautiful to look at but very effective fish catchers as well. Tremendous art work as well fellas, keep up the great work.