Monday, January 2, 2012

DF&F 52

Once again Jason at FF&W and I will be collaborating with the year of Drawing Fish and Flies 52 (DF&F 52).  We will be alternating between the two as we see fit. The rules from last year still apply, 30 minutes or less to create the image.

We will be posting the images on Saturday as opposed to Thursdays. We will also pre-announce the following week's image after the previous week's post so that others can join along. More on this subject later. We will also be inviting some other artists to join us on an occasional basis.

Coming up this Jan 7th is a combo Rainbow Trout and Royal Wulff. We started off last year with a rainbow, so it was only fitting to kick off this year with a bo.

I am looking forward to another fun and creative year!

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