Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drawing Fish 52-34 Silver Salmon

Original status: Available, email me for details.

Swing by Jason's blog to see his see his Silver Salmon!

Tech Info- Watercolor, Gouache and Pastel on 140 LBS watercolor paper.

Continuing with my Alaska theme, I decided to go with the fresh from the ocean version instead of the spawned up color version. We were fortunate enough during our trip to use the spey rods and swing for these on fire fish fresh in from the Bering Sea. The fish were so fresh and full of fight that they even still had sea lice on them.


Dan Limbach said...

Excellent artwork Jeff. Keep posting to the blog.

Jason Borger said...

Really liking the color work here, Jeff. Has the right visual "feel" for the fish (at least to my eye). Have to talk to you more about your gouache approach....