Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drawing Fish 52_29 Muskie

Drawing Fish 52_29 Muskie

Original status: Available, email me for details..

Swing by Jason's blog to see his Muskie rendition!

Tech Info- Sharpie, white pastel pencil and gray marker on oatmeal paper.

I had a number of concepts on how to approach an image of the big bad north woods muskie! I settled on this foreshortened image and added the extra teeth hanging out for impact!


Jason Borger said...

Like it, Jeff! Both the foreshortened angle and the extra teeth. A bad boy fish for sure....

John Rubino said...

Jeff, I was looking for a muskie image to use as a background on the hat of a customer. I really like this image, and would like permission to use it in our design of the hat. The customer is a bait and tackle shop in Wisconsin. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Sincerely, John Rubino, Stitch-on-Time Custom Embroidery and Premium Promotions. 920-420-6107