Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drawing Fish 52-27 Sockeye Salmon

Drawing Fish 52_27 Sockeye Salmon

Original status: Available, email me for details..

Swing by Jason's blog to see his rendition of the sockeye!

Tech Info- Sharpie, watercolor and gouache

I spent the week of this post at a church group work camp with my son in Rochester New York. Youth came from all over the country to work in smaller groups on homes in the inner city of Rochester. My crew was assigned a painting job for the first few days, then we were reassigned to a wheel chair ramp construction site. It was an extremely rewarding experience for both the youth and the adult leaders. I was able to squeak this image in during the few minutes of downtime we had in the evening.

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Jason Borger said...

Jeff—I like it! Would make a cool tattoo for someone....