Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tribute To Tom Helgeson DF 52-47 BBCE

This fly is dedicated in memory of Tom Helgeson. The Blue Butt Caddis Emerger was one of Tom's favorite go to patterns. So much so that Tom was nicknamed "Old Blue Butt". There has been so much said about Tom and his life recently. Sometimes the right words escape me. In this instance, I will let my brush (although it is digital) express the fly Tom so dearly had confidence in.I was torn as to what media I should use to produce this image. I decided to go digital, since my previous rendition of this fly was in watercolor. I hope Tom would have approved. Rest in peace my friend.

Chris Niskanen at Twin Cities .com wrote this nice obituary.

Swing by Jason's blog to check out tribute to Tom.


Gary Eaton said...

Sweet- and fittingly barbless. GE

Jason Borger said...

A truly nice piece, Jeff. I figured that you would do something very much like this. I think that Tom would be truly pleased by it, and it's a fitting tribute to him.