Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drawing Flies 52_38 Joliette Hopper

Drawing Flies 52_38 Joliette Hopper

Original status: Available, email me for information. Prints are available.

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Tech Info- Watercolor and gouache 140 lbs watercolor paper.

This is one of my favorite hopper patterns for late Summer trout in the Wisconsin Driftless area. Many a fish have fallen prey to this great pattern. I used a very tattered and beat up fly from my box as reference. If I painted it the way it looks now, it would almost be unrecognizable as a hopper. I just returned from a week long watercolor color workshop up in Northern Wisconsin. This was the first painting I did after returning. Nothing seemed to work the way I had envisioned. The brush felt sluggish, color mixing was off, but I struggled through and did the best I could today.

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bob b said...

I fished Lost Creek, St.Germain, Lost Lake, and my Grandfather fished many more lakes and steams outside on Minaqua, Woodruff, St. Germain and Arbot Vita. Are you referring to Lac de Flambeau?