Thursday, August 19, 2010

Drawing Flies 52_34 Hornberg

Drawing Flies 52_34 Hornberg

Original status: email me for information. Prints are available.

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition of a Hornberg!

Tech Info- Digital rendering in PhotoShop using Wacom pressure pen and monitor.

Decided to do something different this week. I decided to sharpen my digital skills a bit and figured this was as good a time as any to do it. Started by creating a neutral gray background. It is always hard to get started with a big old white canvas staring back at you. I then roughly sketched it the shapes then started blocking in color using my "Chalk" brush. I have created a set of digital sketching and painting brushes that I like to use for this kind of work. I continue building shapes and values, just as I would when I use watercolor and gouache. One has to remember that digital painting is just a tool, the fundamentals are the same. I will say though that there is no "Control Z" or "Undo" key with conventional painting!

I have tied a couple of Hornbergs, but I cannot say that I have had great success with them. The Hornberg was developed a retired Wisconsin Conservation Warden named Frank Hornberg. The fly has been known to imitate a large sedge or a small minnow. Knowing that Frank was from Wisconsin, my bet is that the later was what he was striving for.

The Hornberg can range from "Real Scruffy looking" to more refined as I have shown. I chose this look because I new time would be a factor when rendering the mallard. I recall seeing seeing a while back a rendition of a Hornberg where the the tips of the mallard were brought together and glued with some head cement. That is the way I decided to render it.

There is nothing like jungle cock as great method to draw your eye to the center of interest on this fly!


Jason Borger said...

Interesting that you chose to go all-digital, Jeff (we both had some digital basis in this one). I like the complexity of the textures and patterns you got within the 30 minute time limit. I especially like the Jungle Cock eye and sense of “depth-of-field” dimensionality on the hackle (Kel likes the "dimensional" hackle, too).

CD said...

Great work on a great pattern Jeff.

Fin Follower said...

The Hornberg is one of my favorite go-to flies. I 've found them to be popular even when caddis won't work. Great for small streams too. Smallmouth also like them.