Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drawing Flies 52_14 Bass Bug

Drawing Flies 52_14 Bass Bug- Watercolor background, digital sketch.

Original status: Available. Contact me for information.

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his rendition of the of the Bass Bug!

Tech Info-Decided to dabble in the digital world this week. I rely on PhotoShop and my Cintiq drawing capable monitor for my day job. I decided early on that I would produce a watercolor background for this one. After I completed the background, I let it dry and then headed to the computer to start drawing. In PhotoShop I opened a blank document and grabbed the digital drawing stylus and started sketching. The nice thing about using the Cintiq is that the marks made on the digital canvas are pressure sensitive. This creates a more natural looking sketch. I roughed in the shape using a dark gray digital pencil brush. Once that was complete, I added colors on various layers to complete this of cartoon looking bass bug. Once the watercolor background was dry, I scanned it and dropped in into the background of the image. I scaled the background to fit and did some erasing to complete the image.

It is Spring time in the Midwest and the temps have soared this week into the mid 70's! It will not belong before I am down on the Fox chasing the smallies!

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