Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue Butt Caddis Emerger

"Blue Butt Caddis Emerger" This painting was done for my freind Tom Helgeson over at Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine. Tom puts out a fantastic tabloid journal that covers fishing in the Midwest. It is refreshing in the age of digital books and e-zines, that someone can still print a quality journal that you can read while dozing of in bed dreaming about your next fishing trip or while on the can passing time dreaming about your next fishing trip. Tom also hosts the the Midwest Fly Fishing show in Chicago and Minneapolis every year. Tom, hope you like the painting, and I cannot wait to try fishing this pattern for trout! The blue tail does not that prominent in the pictures. It is a painting challenge getting that blue metallic flash tail to pop off the painting.


pikepicker said...

Love your work Jeff!

Phil said...

Jeff nice one! I especially like the background. Check out some of my new paintings when you get a chance.


Anonymous said...

really great!unb

Nickolas Wright said...

Would you like to donate a print for our portfolio. We have had some great paintings this year donated. Your prints would loo great to kick off the new season.

We would link your page from our site and send you some flies too.

We would only reprint 50 and get them signed too.

I hope you agree

Nickolas Wright owner of Deer Creek

Critter said...

jeff, I love the unique perspective on this one!