Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No. 343

"Chocolate Wet" Chocolate syrup on a dinner plate. Inspiration for flies can hit at any time. I was at a clients office working today when some bad weather rolled in. It was raining in the morning, turning to sleet in the afternoon and eventually snow at the rush hour. Normally this drive takes 45 minutes. tonight it too a little over 2 hours. A good portion of the ride I was behind a truck. On the back of the truck was a graphic of a pile of ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. Well, after staring at the image for a while, it got me thinking about today's fly. Have you ever been at an upscale restaurant and ordered desert? The desert would be served with some type of sweet sauce drizzled on the plate along with the desert item. Well, this is what a fly fisherman's desert would look like. By the way, after I created the fly, the series of photos following show what the fly looked like after I licked the plate! The first lick actually created a nice wing effect! Obviously this original is SOLD. My stomach and taste buds enjoyed the original art.

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