Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No. 337

"BWO RPE (reverse parachute emerger)" Watercolor and Gouache. I had received an email from Roy Christie a few months back concerning the reverse parachute sketch I did back in August. Roy is the originator of many reverse parachute fly designs. You can see his Photostream here.

A couple of days ago he sent an image of his BWO RPE. The shape and colors were so striking that I had to paint it! This is Roy's comment on the fly:

"You can, if you wish, draw my reversed parachute emerger. I tie these up to imitate all surface hatching mayflies and midges, the idea being that the hook will pull the tippet through the surface. So degrease the tippet, grease the hackle and you get a clean image on a flat surface the moment the fly lands on the water. This is a very effective presentation.
Thanks again for your daily drawings.

Roy Christe, an Irishman in London UK

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Sandy said...

Another great sketch - and I have an award for you on my blog if you wish to participate!