Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guest Fly Artist - Kevin Powell

"Gooey Green Meanie" I challenged Kevin to come up with a fly in the few spare moments that he has. He constructed this excellent fly using some of his kids toys. I hope he did it during nap time! For those of you who are not familiar with Kevin, He started Red Dirt Studio.

"Red Dirt Studio is a place for people to hang out, share and build memories. It is a community of like minded individuals who enjoy the simpler things in life - good art, good music, good food and quality time in the outdoors. This community is built around a "Front Porch" philosophy of thinking and sharing. Like times of old, when people use to sit around and talk about their favorite memories, telling tall tale fishing stories or talking about the good dive where they sat and drank that cup of coffee on the way to their hidden destination. it is all about the journey."

A lot of fun stuff happening in the forum. So stop by and check it out!


Kevin Powell said...
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Kevin Powell said...

Guest artist - that's awesome... I have another one in the works for Jeff but Amelia has to grow a little. I am also thinking a BBQ fly from someone from my new site would be kind of fitting.

John Cage said - "There is music all around you only if you have the ears to hear it"

I think all of this is really funny because inspiration comes from all around us. How ridiculous do these statements sound. I was doing Laundry the other day and saw a fly in my pants. I went to the barber and what did I see in the hair on the floor. A fly. Emptying grass clippings from the mower in the yard. You guessed it - A Fly. My computer power chord on the floor - a fly. In my dogs food bowl - a fly. AND THESE are the ones I can remember with the lack of sleep of having a new child.

Thanks Jeff. I think you passed the bug to me. Sorry - I deleted the first post on accident.