Saturday, January 5, 2008

No. 5

Original - SOLD

Limited Edition Prints - Available soon - Send email for details.

Mickey Finn - Watercolor. Thanks for the suggestion Liz! We will see more of this fly in the future.


kihonmomma said...

Wow Jeff, You are really talented. I admire that you find time to draw daily. I hardly can keep up with the laundry, let alone do something creative. But your 365 challenge is inspiring. So, I've set a goal for myself that by June, I'll have refinished an antique mail desk I've had in the garage for years and years and make it my fly tying desk for the cabin. I never knew what to do with it until I came to NIFTy and said, "oh, it's not a mail desk. It's supposed to be a fly tying desk! So June it is. Now I have to go dig in the corner of the garage and find it. Liz

Sharon said...

These are gorgeous.,,and would make a great birthday present for my fly-fishing husband. (We live on the N. Umpqua River in Oregon - supposedly famous world-wide for fly-fishing...) Do you offer these for sale?

Linda said...

I LOVE this one -- great idea for a series!

Jared Shear said...

This one is really nice Jeff!!......forgot all about you starting this series, will have to get you linked up. Love the colors and energy in this one, there is a nice contrast between tight and loos forms.