Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DF&F 52_37 Coulee Brown Trout

I consider the Driftless area of Wisconsin my home trout waters. This is due to the absence of any trout water in Illinois. Spent this past weekend camping and fishing with my buddies Corey, Mike, Ben and Joe. Had a great time fishing and having some great camp food and stories by the fire. Thanks to Corey for taking a great reference shot of this fish. September 30th marks the last day of trout season for this year Now it is time to do a rain dance to bring on steelhead season!

Swing by Jason's site to check out his awesome digital slab!

Tech Brief: Watercolor, gouache and pastel on oatmeal stock.

Original status: SOLD

Prints to be offered soon. New website and print offerings coming soon.


Trout Buddha said...

Jeff -
A beautiful brown trout. Love your shout out to the Driftless area of Wisconsin. Fabulous trout water, nice towns, and great people. The Coulee streams are special. Thanks for all the great work.
Trout Buddha

Jason Borger said...

Really nice, Jeff. Especially liking the angle of view and the reflective bits. Wish we could have thrown a line together last weekend, but alas, 2000 miles got in the way....