Sunday, February 26, 2012

DF&F 52-8 Tiger Trout and Driftless Caddis

Swing by Jason's blog to check out his Tiger Trout or Driftless Caddis!

Tech Info - Watercolor , gouache and pastel on Watercolor paper. 11" x 17".

I know this one was very simple. Just lines sketched for the structure and an action line sketch sketched in to show the flow of the image. My plan was to get the image sketched in and that would be it for the post. Next step was to continue on with the painting without the pressure of trying to finish it within the 30 minute time frame. After the initial sketch, I started to lay down washes. Lots of water and pigment. I like to lay down the mids and the darks early. Knowing that I will be coming back in with gouach later allows me to to this. The image at this stage is nothing but a collection of dark shapes. Once these washers were dry, (which took a long time!) I came in and started to work on the form and lighted shapes with gouache. Below is the series of images to get to the final.:

First step, very wet washes and a bit of spattered water for texture.

After the first wash dried, I added another layer, Lots of pigment and water. I also stood the image 180 degrees so that the washes ran in the direction of the action. 

The final image.

One of these days I will get to finishing the Brown and Stone image. 

Prints are 8" x 10" reproduced on digital watercolor stock, signed and number. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


John said...

Fantastic work! I enjoyed seeing the steps. I look forward to seeing your next phase of the brown & stone. Such a cool piece already.


swalker9513 said...

I too like seeing your process. I would love to see more of how you paint such beautiful pieces.

For some reason, my tiger trout looks like he is smiling.

Jeff (trout bum) said...

John - Thanks! I will try to post more step by steps. Sometimes I get in the zone when I am painting that I forget to take the pictures. I need to remember to snap some images when I am letting washes dry.

Jeff (trout bum) said...

Sean - Thanks! And it is always good to see a happy trout! Great work! Hope your daily painting is helping you get out of your rut. I know it works for me.