Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drawing Fish 52_25 Yellowstone Cutthroat

Drawing Fish 52_25 Yellowstone Cutthroat

Original status: Available, email me for details..

Swing by Jason's blog to see his rendition of a Yellowstone Cutthroat!

Tech Info- Sharpie, watercolor, gouache and pastel

This is a memorable fish for me. In 2008 we packed up the family and the camper and headed to Yellowstone. After a bit of sight seeing, we decided to do a bit of fishing in the Yellowstone river. I had the family all spread out at the Nez Pierce access. I looked across the river and I could see fish constantly rising. The river was a bit high and I had a short deep section that I had to navigate. I felt confident with all of the steelhead wading I have done in the past. It was a tough slow wade, but it was worth it. I found a gravel shoal up stream of the rising fish. I stayed put for quite some time, mesmerized by the rising fish. I tried to determine what they were feeding on. made a nice cast and drifted the fly right over them. Nothing. They still continued to rise. I tried a few more casts with no success. To make a long story short, I tried just about everything in my box with no success. I decided to throw on a Royal Wulff. I had never caught a fish on this pattern, even thought I have tied a dozen or so and I know that in my heart it is a tried and true pattern. The proceeded to implement a parachute cast and let the Wulff drift right into their feeding lane. BAM! I set the hook and held on. It took a bit of chasing and dealing with the swift current, but I finally landed that beautiful cut. I was able to get close to shore so that my wife Janine could snap a few shots before the release.

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