Saturday, August 8, 2009

Royal Wulff

Limited Edition Prints Available at ARTCREEL.

"Royal Wulff" - 10" x 20"- Ball point pen, watercolor and gouache. I used a new technique to create this fly. I sketched the fly with a black ball point pen using some cross hatching to define shapes. I then went over the sketch with watercolor and a bit of gouache. What I really like about creating an image in this fashion is that you can see my pen marks through the transparent watercolor wash. I have 2 more paintings on the easel in which I am using this technique on. I will shoot pictures of the ball point image before I add the watercolor washes and show them on future blog posts. I picked up this technique from Jason Seilerwho is an incredible artists that specializes in portraits and humorous illustration. This is one of the flies for the monthly paintings which are given away on Fishing Florida Radio. Drop by their site to enter to win. You can also listen to their show via Podcasts. You will not be disappointed!


Phil said...

I love your fly illustrations, great use of water colors.
I just started a blog featuring some of my water color trout paintings check it out.
any advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Cool Draws!


K. said...

You know Ted Kennedy died... Such a sad thing for America, dont you think?