Friday, October 17, 2008

No. 286

"P.E.I. Fly" Digital - Illustrator. This is a fly that was done for an upcoming project that I worked on. When I can divulge the details, I will. The following is an account on the details of this fly. It was written by Darren MacEachern for I will. There is some confusion surrounding the true name of this fly. J. Edson Leonard's book "Flies" refers to the pattern as the PE Fly named after Prince Edward. The pattern may also be found in Paul Schmookler & Ingrid V. Sils "Forgotten Flies"(p 274, 275) printed as Prince Edward. The Prince Edward or PEI fly was tied originally with feathers from the now endangered Red Ibis. Because of this, I use red Chinese hen Saddle as an acceptable substitute. The PEI Fly is used to target inland Maritime Brook Trout and the St. Lawrence "White Trout".

The PEI fly is featured in Canada Post's 2005 Fishing Flies collection.

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flytyer said...

Wow Jeff, the fly looks awesome!

Thanks for featuring the PEI Fly. :)